How Do You Identify Snake Feces?

Chattanooga snake

Proper identification of snake poop is essential if you live close to an ideal habitat of the snake. If you lack the knowledge, you can easily mistake it for a bird scat since there will be a white marking present on both feces. Perhaps the difference is that it is not unusual to see parts of animals or insects in the reptile's poop. It may contain the fur, bones, nails, and teeth of its prey.

Guide to Identify the Snake Feces Properly
The snake's scat will resemble the poop of most carnivores with a similar size. It will usually have a tubular form that will have tapered tips. It can be a single piece, or it can be divided into several tiny parts. Small snakes will produce excrement that is no longer than an inch. Constrictors and other large snakes will have feces larger than the dog's poop.

What Should I Look for When Identifying a Snake Poop?
Perhaps the most important clue that you should find when determining the snake's feces would be urates. Usually, it will only be found in the scat of reptiles such as birds, turtles, and lizards. Urates are produced through the metabolism of protein. These are dehydrated urine that ranges from pale yellow to white color. Consistency can also differ; it can sometimes resemble chalk or white rock, but it can also appear like a white liquid when fresh. As aforementioned, the poop of the snake will again come with undigested parts of the animals. Claws, teeth, bones, and exoskeletons of the insects will frequently be visible on their excrement.

Where Are the Common Locations to Spot the Snake's Feces?
Snakes can leave their droppings while they move, so you should be able to spot them along their path. It can be found in a pile of rocks or logs, in the sides of your structure, or the overgrown bushes and grasses in your yard. You need to be extra careful when tracking for the signs of snakes. Discovering a shed skin or finding their tracks on loose substrates is the guaranteed method of determining their presence. If you suspect that there is a snake under your shed or inside a burrow, never stick your hand inside it, especially if you can't see it. It is always better to call the help of the professionals to do this job.

Is it Snake Poop or Regurgitation?
As you probably know, some snakes will regurgitate their prey. It can happen due to overeating, low temperatures, parasites, illness, etc. The regurgitation will not look like poop but a slimy mess that appears like a fully-formed animal. There is also no presence of urates, but there is a high amount of mucous.

The proper identification of the snake's scat is necessary to determine the culprit of invasion or infestation. By knowing what kind of animal you need to deal with, you can keep yourself safe from harm and risks. If you suspect that you are housing a snake, do not hesitate to call the snake removal experts. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Chattanooga